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Hi! I'm Cola, a user of UTAU and owner of the UTAUloid Minarai Mona. You'll mostly just see me drawing UTAU-related things, though I may draw something else every once in a while. I also make UTAU covers, so be sure to check those out, too~

~UTAU Buddies~

~More Friends~

My Youtube: [link]
My Soundcloud: [link]
So I'm back! And reading my hiatus journal again, I realize I gave you guys virtually no information about where I was or what I was doing. So let me fill you in on what I've been up to this summer!

I went to the mountains for 11 weeks for a program about learning how to be a leader in the church, which also involved working a job. While I was there, I hiked a few times, made a lot of new friends, met people from a lot of different countries, connected with God, grew in my faith and as a person, read a good book, painted a piece of silk (will take a picture soon), camped, star-gazed, and watched the sunrise from on top of a mountain (which I got on video, too - I'll speed it up and see if it's good to upload or maybe use as an UTAU video ahaha). It was an amazing experience, definitely a summer well-spent. It's kind of weird being back home - I don't get winded trying to walk up hills here (way less oxygen at higher altitudes, so you get tired out pretty fast), it's way hotter and more humid here, and I have all these things that I didn't bring with me that I forgot I had (especially clothes, my goodness). XD

I also had my birthday while I was there, which was cool. My mom sent me a package with stuff I could use to throw my own party, so I had cake and noisemakers and glowsticks and played games with my friends and it was super fun~ And my parents gave me the gift of chipping in some money for a new phone, which I'm also excited about, yay. 

So right now I'm at home for a few days before it's back to school! I'll try and get Mona's Fizz release video up some time within the next couple of days, so be looking out for that. Not sure when I'll go through all my notifications (so many, oh gosh @_@) or try to sort through everyone's YouTube uploads (even more, might just give up on those ;;A;;) but I'll try my best to get caught up, ahaha. Also I have a few UTAU things I've been playing with that I'll try to upload to SoundCloud soon. And my sister (reluctantly) agreed to let me bring her microphone with me to school! So I'll probably play around with recording a bit (been wanting to try out tripitch with a quality mic, maybe derp around with VCV English for a little, experiment with voice-acting, etc).

So that's what I'm up to! How are you? What have you been doing this summer? When do you go back to school? Are you working on any cool projects right now? Are there any YouTube videos that have been uploaded in the last 11 weeks that you want me to watch so that I don't have to go through all those subscription emails? /shot Comment or send me a note or something, I really wanna catch up with you guys! ^^
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Tiny Christmas Tree by NicolaCola
Tiny Christmas Tree
I felt like drawing some kind of snowy night scene, and this is what I ended up with. It was fun blending colors together, but overall this is just the product of playing around.
Molly Hair Animation
If you follow my Scraps, you'll have seen this OC of mine before - her name is Molly, and I felt like making an animation of her. This is pretty simple, and it's been a while since I've animated, so it's kind of derpy in some places, but I hope you like it anyway.

Molly belongs to :iconnicolacola:
The Forgotten Song Mona by NicolaCola
The Forgotten Song Mona
A colored version of the sketch I uploaded earlier~ I had to shrink it down for the video art, so I thought I would upload the full size version, too.

This is for Mona's cover of The Forgotten Song! Please don't use this for anything (especially if you forget to crop the feet off okay)

Mona belongs to :iconnicolacola:

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